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100 seasons in the oilfield. Every challenge met.

November 2, 2023

As we prepare for our 101st, there is a lot going on behind the scenes at Astro. Proactive solutions and a dedicated team keep us ahead.

As we gear up for another busy winter season, it's all hands on deck here at Astro. We're doing a deep equipment inventory, getting our field technicians up to speed, and fine-tuning our systems to ensure we're primed and ready for that call from our customers. You see, running a business that's tied to the seasons, with customers often situated in the middle of nowhere, can be a real challenge. But it's a challenge we thrive on.

So, what's our secret to handling those curveballs that get thrown our way? Well, it all boils down to preparation, open communication, rigorous training, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. From the moment we get that first call to the final checks on an installation, rest assured that we've thought it through every step of the way. We're not just responding; we're proactively tackling potential issues at each phase to ensure our customers' needs are not just met but exceeded. Every time.

Meet Aaron. Or better known as our Shack Guy. Prepping wellsite trailers for the winter is his top priority right now and it’s quite the endeavor. While filling propane tanks, cleaning furnaces and running antifreeze, he’s gone through approximately 7500 litres of propane, over 200 jugs of antifreeze, hundreds of little fixes and more. This kind of work can get tedious but making sure our accommodation trailers are in tip top shape is what keeps customers coming back to us each season.  

After a quarter-century in this game, we're more confident than ever in the products we use and the top-notch service we provide. Our mission is clear: we aim to remain the absolute go-to choice for remote businesses when it comes to communications and accommodations. And we genuinely look forward to partnering with you for another successful season – because when we work together, we all win. Here's to many more winters of success and collaboration!

25 Years

We're telling the Astro story by looking at our 25 years in terms of the hours, days and seasons hard worked by highly skilled and passionately dedicated men and women both past and present. Check back here for more stories!

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