Remote Support
  • 25 Years


  • 100 seasons in 
    the oilfield. Every challenge met.

    As we prepare for our 101st, there is a lot going on behind the scenes at Astro. Proactive solutions and a dedicated team keep us ahead.

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    25 Years
  • 9,125 days in 
    the oilfield. 
    No two the same.

    Astro is very fortunate to have an awesome team of field technicians that go out and do their best every single day.

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    25 Years
  • 219,000 hours 
    in the oilfield.
    One day at a time.

    Hitting our 25th anniversary wasn’t luck…dedication and round-the-clock service from our dispatch was an important part of it.

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    25 Years
  • Size Matters.

    To us.

    We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of oilfield communications expert TOG Systems.

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  • In touch. Out here.

Astro Oilfield Rentals is an oilfield communications company providing wellsite trailers rentals and communications services (internet, cellular, two-way radios and more) on sites throughout Western Canada. Our field technicians are remote location experts ready 365 days a year to get you connected and address all issues with reliable, worry-free and rapid response second to none.

Remote Communications

We understand the challenges of oilfield communications on remote sites and not being connected can result in lost revenue, safety hazards and decreased productivity. Astro Oilfield Rentals has both the products and the experienced field technicians to keep you in touch out there.

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Remote Communications
Wellsite Trailer

Wellsite Trailers

Astro has a large and diverse rental fleet of Canadian-manufactured wellsite trailers and portable offices to suit all remote location needs. Find the comforts of your home combined with the office space you need to get down to work wherever that may be.

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