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For all of us at Astro, safety isn’t about a stamp or an accreditation. It is about company culture, attitudes and mindsets and walking the talk. It is an integral part of our daily operations for each and every single employee. Each of us knows that we all have a responsibility to ensure both the safety of ourselves AND of those around us. It is critical that no corners are cut and that we work with those around us to stay safe when on worksites with multiple contractors.

Accreditation - Astro’s safety program has grown with the business and we are proud to be COR certified. All field technicians have the required safety certificates for our worksites and customers.

Training – Employees learn that from day one on the job that safety is their top priority. Astro has a comprehensive training program in which our senior technicians are directly involved in mentoring new employees. During this time they train, monitor and assess skills and competencies of the technicians to ensure they are competent and confident in their ability to perform their job. 

Participation – Monthly safety meetings are an important venue for valuable knowledge sharing and training. All employees participate from the front office to the shop…reinforcing that it is EVERYONE’s responsibility to make their worksite a safe place whether it’s the front office, back work bench or a drilling site out of town. Employees also participate in additional safety training and events throughout the year including attending customer annual safety meetings!

Environment – We are committed to the safety of our workers, the satisfaction of our clients, and the protection of the environment while we get the job done. It is our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and it is important to make sustainable choices wherever we can in our operations. We regularly monitor our equipment and our practices to ensure a safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly workplace.

Astro is a proud member of the following organizations and safety platforms:

COR Certification
Alberta Construction Safety Association
Astro Oilfield Rentals Ltd.
Far Beyond Expectation
Remote Support
Service Centres
Fort St. John
Grande Prairie
Astro Oilfield Rentals respectfully acknowledges that we operate within multiple treaty territories. We honour the Indigenous peoples and recognize their enduring connection and protection of the land that provides for everyone.
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