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25 years in business. Big deal.

August 29, 2023

A quarter century may not be news for multi-national corporations with billion-dollar budgets and legacy boards directing them. But for us at Astro it’s a BIG DEAL.  When you look back on how we got here, and recall the effort required to reach this milestone, it becomes a truly special milestone and one well worth celebrating. The oilfield services and rentals industry can be quite challenging at times with the ups and downs of the market. As our seasons ebb and flow, we face uphill battles with staffing, equipment upkeep and the changing demands of our customers. Over the years, Astro has built the resilience to weather storms ranging from oil price crashes to COVID. 

Astro Oilfield Rentals Ltd. was incorporated in 1998, transitioning out of residential service and officially entering into the oilfield rentals industry. As the business has expanded over the years from two employees to currently more than 20, there has always been a focus on customer service. Astro has been extremely fortunate to have established strong and rewarding long-term relationships. You know who you are! We credit our clients and partners with helping us get through some of the tougher times. To those customers, suppliers, friends and supporters, we thank you for being part of Team Astro and helping reach our silver anniversary!

Looking back on the past 25 years spurs us on to think ahead to the next 25. Many new and exciting developments in technology are coming down the pipe and we are excited to continue expanding our rental fleets and services. We will also continue to provide our customers with the best customer service every time we stop onto a site. 

Thanks again for the past 25 and we look forward to tackling another 25 with you!

25 Years

We're telling the Astro story by looking at our 25 years in terms of the hours, days and seasons hard worked by highly skilled and passionately dedicated men and women both past and present. Check back here for more stories!

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