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9,125 days in the oilfield. No two the same.

October 24, 2023

Astro is very fortunate to have an awesome team of field technicians that go out and do their best every single day.

Picture this. You are standing at the bottom of an office tower and looking straight up to the 14th floor. It’s -25° Celsius and it’s your job to climb up to that height, do some work up there without any cover from the elements and then climb back down. That’s a normal job for our field technicians out on a remote drilling site. They climb 150-180 feet straight up a drilling rig. They may have to drive six hours to plug in a cord. They often have to troubleshoot a problem with crews peering over their shoulder. This job isn’t for everyone, and it takes a certain brand of toughness. We are very fortunate to have an awesome team of field technicians that go out and do the best job they can everyday.

One of the faces that you might see out on a site is Tony. He is one of our most senior field technicians and has been with the company for 12 years now. Over that time, Tony has gone from a rookie technician to Field Team Captain and from a single boy to married with three daughters. Juggling life and a field tech position isn’t easy and we do our best to support his work/life balance by getting him home for Christmas concerts and recitals. On the flip side, Tony is always willing to help another tech who’s struggling on a site or come in early to be in a photoshoot. Tony’s dedication to both his job and his family are commendable and we are very thankful to have him on our team.

Over 25 years, a company sees many people come and go. In that time, Astro has been fortunate to only have had about 35 employees…over 25 of which are with us today. Company culture plays a huge role in employee retention and that is something that ownership prioritizes on a daily basis. We have a great team from the office to the field and no matter what your position is it is fair to say that no two days are the same.

Every day, every job and every person is different but that is what makes this gig so interesting. Here’s to the next 25!

25 Years

We're telling the Astro story by looking at our 25 years in terms of the hours, days and seasons hard worked by highly skilled and passionately dedicated men and women both past and present. Check back here for more stories!

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