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Astro’s communications trailer is a self-contained, portable unit. Powered by a solar/diesel hybrid system, this trailer provides rapid access to all of a site's communications needs and is customizable to meet specific site or customer requirements. Set up takes only 15 minutes…getting your site up and running immediately.

This portable trailer is ruggedly built and the controls and systems are managed remotely. It’s self sustaining and capable of operation for weeks between refueling with multiple charging and environmental power options.

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Common Uses

  • Construction sites
  • Laydown yards
  • Drilling sites
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency response
  • Transportation


  • Security cameras
  • Cellular booster
    Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Satellite internet
  • IR illuminators, license plate reader (LPR), digital signage boards


  • 36’ telescoping mast for device mounting
  • Motion sensors, lighting and audio system
  • 3400 diesel generator and 470W solar panels
  • Tamper-proof system (i.e. dual locking door handles and removable tongue)

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