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Portable towers are used for a variety of solutions on remote worksites. Astro has one of the largest fleets of portable towers in Western Canada ranging in height from 90 to 150 feet. When used with a cellular booster on a drilling site, a portable tower eliminates the need to climb the rig during rig up and service calls. A portable tower also eliminates disruption of services during rig skids or laydowns.

When required, portable towers can also be used to mount customer specific equipment.

Astro Oilfield Rentals - Remote Communications, Portable Towers


  • Easy to transport and quick set up/tear down
  • No climbing necessary (increased safety)
  • Manufactured and engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Secured with outriggers for increased stability
  • Small footprint reducing obstructions on a busy and crowded location

Remote Communications

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